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We will select and arrange the purchase of equipment for you based on the specified priorities according to the budget or any other input data. Any consultations in our chat!

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The best software for clear and reliable operation of your equipment! Online assistance and technical support for our firmware practically 24/7! Our administrators are always online!

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Professional and timely assistance with technical issues related to the repair and maintenance of your equipment.

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Do you have questions?

What is the developers fee rate for your 7Miners Vnish firmware?

The developers’ fee of our firmware is standard for all firmwares based on VnishOS – 1.8% for the Antminer L3+ model and 2.8% for Antminer 17, 19 series, and L7 models. The firmware does not include hidden additional fees, as we are authorized partners of the VnishOS development team and value our reputation as an honest partner.

Is it safe for my equipment to use your custom firmware?

Using custom firmware does not harm the operation of the ASIC miner in any way; on the contrary, it allows you to extend the life of your equipment. An important condition is to ensure sufficient cooling for the hash boards and power supply unit. Overheating is a major cause of ASIC miner breakdowns. Our firmware helps avoid overheating by automatically switching profiles based on temperature and shutting down equipment when critical temperature is reached. 7Miners recommends maintaining chip temperature for the Antminer 19 series not exceeding 70-72°C and for Antminer L7 not exceeding 75°C. You can always reach out to our Telegram chat for consultation on the proper operation of your devices

How much do your firmware installation and configuration services cost?

Installation and technical support are free of charge. Our chat administrators are available almost 24/7 and will always assist you with any questions you may have.

Can I revert to the factory firmware if I don't like yours, and how can I do that?

If the firmware is installed to an microSD card (Xilinx and BeagleBone control boards), removing the microSD card will cause the ASIC miner to restart with the factory firmware. If the firmware is written to the NAND memory of the control board, you can revert to the stock firmware from the web interface of the ASIC miner under the “System – Backup and Restore – Return to Stock Firmware” tab. If the firmware is installed to an Amlogic control board via MicroUSB, instructions for returning to the factory firmware can be found at our YouTube channel.

What are the differences between 7Miners firmware and other firmwares based on VnishOS?

All Vnish firmwares are developed by an international team of developers. Distribution and technical support are made by Vnish team partners, including us. Our impeccable reputation, focus on miners of all levels (from beginners to professionals), and technical support from our specialists – are our strengths. By using our firmware, you support the 7Miners team. Thanks to developer fees, we can operate almost without advertising!

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