7Miners Vnish firmware


According to available information, Bitmain is preparing to release new stock firmware updates, after installing which you will not be able to install custom firmware or roll back to the previous version stock  firmware (it is also unclear whether rollback via CD recovery will be possible).

We strongly advise not to update the stock firmware on miners purchased in 2024, as well as on any older models, to stock firmware from 2024 onwards.

According to unconfirmed information, this innovation already exists on the E9pro model. If anyone can verify this on this model, we would appreciate the information. 🤝

7Miners VNISH official firmware, its advantages,
tables of approximate power consumption and hashrate by models.

Current versions of 7Miners VNISH firmware for Antminer:
S9 - 3.9.0, L3+ - 3.9.1, 17 series - 2.0.4, L7 и 19 series - 1.2.5 (Release)